AAC – MWSI BA as an Aerating Agent

AAC – MWSI BA as an Aerating Agent

Autoclave Aerated Concrete – Using Municipal Waste Solid Incineration as an Aerated Agent

Benefits of utilizing MWSI BA as an aerating agent for AAC

About the Project

Autoclave aerated concrete is a lightweight cementitious building material that has excellent insulation, fire resistance, durability and strength properties. In collaborations with the State of Florida and the Hinkley Center, UF has previously pioneered efforts to recycle and beneficially reuse MSWI BA. 


The primary objective of this project is to determine the feasibility of beneficially reusing MSWI BA as an aerating/ expansion agent for AAC. Additionally, research will be conducted to determine the thermal transmittance characteristics of AAC as an insulation material.

Video link from our first Technical Awareness Group Meeting 



  • The Hinkley Center for Solid & Hazardous Waste Management