Next Generation of Concrete: Shrinkage

Next Generation of Concrete: Shrinkage

Cracked Shrinkage Ring
A cracked shrinkage ring specimen

About the Project

The Next Generation of Concrete: Shrinkage project is designed to address the need for a test method that can evaluate the cracking potential for Florida concrete mixes. In Florida, nominal maximum aggregate sizes are typically around 1″. Best practices indicate that concrete test specimens must be three times larger than the maximum aggregate size, thus, the primary focus of this project is modifying the AASHTO T334 method to allow for 3″ specimens. This necessitates adjusting environmental conditions of the rings, in order to promote cracking.


The primary objective of this project is to develop a performance-based test method that will measure the resistance to shrinkage cracking of concrete mixtures. Additional goals include developing a specification for the test method and creating a formula to express cracking potential as a function of significant cracking factors.


  • Florida Department of Transportation

Graduate Assistants