Mass Concrete Durability

Mass Concrete Durability

Concrete Trial Mix
A Mass Concrete Durability concrete mix

About the Project

The Mass Concrete Durability project is designed to investigate and alleviate durability-related concerns for FDOT-owned Mass Concrete structures. In Florida, there are several predominant durability concerns that can affect mass concrete, including thermal cracking, low resistance to chloride penetration, reinforcement corrosion, and the potential for internal and external sulfate attack. Additionally, within this project, the effects of early-age elevated temperatures and supplementary cementitious materials on concrete durability are investigated.


The primary objective of the Mass Concrete Durability project is to increase the durability and lifespan of FDOT-owned mass concrete structures. Additionally, project objectives include characterizing component concrete materials, analyzing commercially-available thermal modeling software, and evaluating the effects of temperature, residence time, and concrete composition on hardened concrete properties, cracking tendencies, and resistance to chemical attack.  


  • Florida Department of Transportation

Graduate Assistants